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Some of the independent bands aired on the radio.

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One From Many



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Billy The Kid

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The Windy City

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The Agreeables

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Buffalo Jones


Specially handpicked songs for you to enjoy.

GMT -3 Time zone

Punto Caramelo

Mon - Thu 11PM / Sun 10PM

REP: Mon - Thu 4AM and Sun 6AM

One hour with melodies to relax, lower the decibels and fall in love. At Blur FM we invite you to finish the day with a delightful selection of love songs to brighten up your night.

Marea Infinit

Mon 11:59PM

REP: Mon 11:59PM

The sea has never been so close. Unplug from everything and let the waves of sound take you away. A delicated blend of ambient, downtempo and chill out melodies. Half an hour of pure surround sound.


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